Access individual data in a collection passing to Notification method

I have queried a list of users based on a filter to send out notifications and i want to use this collection method to send out the notification.

Collection method

As in the documentation i pass the users collection to the notification and my post data

Notification::send($users, new PostAlert($post));

I believe, this collection method is firing notifications in a loop. One-by-one.If it is, how do i access a user’s details inside the notification ? i can only access $post details for now

Notification::send($users, new PostAlert($users, $post));

Doing the above passes the collection and i cannot access a single user detail inside the notification.

I know that i can set the firing on a loop, but i believe it is not the cleanest way

foreach($users as $user) 
   Notification::send(new PostAlert($user, $post));

It would be very helpful if you could help me how would i access a single model passing from collection.


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Method 1

It is pretty easy, Try it,

You will find a variable called $notifiable

// PostAlert
// toMail() or toArray()
public function toMail($notifiable)
    dd($notifiable,"the user laravel is sending to.");
    return (new MailMessage)
                ->line('The introduction to the notification.')
                ->action('Notification Action', url('/'))
                ->line('Thank you for using our application!');

Happy Codding.

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