Add external javascript files with blade engine code in Laravel 5.x?

I have multiple Javascript files, and lots of them are prepared by the laravel template engine. For example ill use:

@if ($group_id !== 3)
    //do something here

Everthing is fine, when ill include this the javascript code directly into my filename.blade.php template.

But i would like to load all external with:

<script type="text/javascript">

And so its not processed by the blade engine. Ill found some solutions for L4, but i am not really happy with them. For example youll should name your javascript files like javascript.blade.php and include it in that way – but so my IDE thinks its an PHP file and formats it totally wrong. Other solution here is to write your (group in this example) before you include it, like:
<script type="text/javascript">
    var group = {!! $group_id !!}

I am still not really happy with that solution, i would like that all files should be processed as it was included directly in my blade-file.

Is there a solution to handle that?

Thanks in advance.


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Method 1

Lets say you have the following external JS script (including some blade engine code as well) :


First of all in order to use this script in any of the other blade file, rename the above file to the following:

first.blade.php (But remember to place the whole script code inside script tag!!)

Now include this file inside your other blade file in the following way:

@include(‘someViewFolder.first’) assuming you had put the first.blade.php inside ‘someViewFolder‘ folder.

I hope this helps, Cheers.

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