Adding multiple entries/rows with knex mysql

I get the following data from the req.body:

    "user_id": "1",
    "user_name": "jkalandarov",
    "email": "<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="3e54555f525f505a5f4c51487e59535f5752105d5153">[email protected]</a>",
    "courses": [
            "course_id": 1,
            "course_name": "English",
            "course_price": 265
            "course_id": 2,
            "course_name": "Node.js",
            "course_price": 200
            "course_id": 3,
            "course_name": "Backend Developement",
            "course_price": 300

I want to insert this data into three rows with the help of knex into mysql database table like this with a single query:
Adding multiple entries/rows with knex mysql

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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Method 1

Assuming you already have your knex connection set up, it should simply allow you to pass an array of objects into the insert function to insert multiple rows with a single statement.

Step 1: Build an array of objects

const objectsToInsert = => {
    return {
        user_id: req.body.user_id,
        user_name: req.body.user_name,

Step 2: Insert them using your knex connection

await knex('your_table_name').insert(objectsToInsert);

This should insert those three rows into your table in a single query.

As this data is coming directly from the request body it is obviously also a good idea to add some validation here but that feels out of scope for your original question.

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