Apollo Server and MySQL: How to get data direct from the database?

currently I’m writing a GraphQL API with ApolloServer/NodeJS. I have a MySQL Database. Because I’m new at this topic, I dont have any idea how can I get data directly from my database. My api sends article information to the client (this is the only purpose of my api). The client can search a specific article via ID (every article/products has a specific ID in the database. The id which the client is typing in should be compared with the id in the database. So if the id = 1 then the api should look after the article which has the id = 1 in the DATABASE and sends the requested information about THIS article to the client. (I know that this might be better with PHP, but I have some trouble with PHP). But I don’t know how I can write this into my resolver.

Here is my resolver:

const models = require('../models');

module.exports = {
    Query: {
        article: (parent, {id}) => {
                return models.articledata.find(
                    (c) => c.id == id

    Node: {
        __resolveType(node) {
                return 'Article';

Here is my models:

let articledata = [{
    id: 1,
    name: 'title',
    description: 'Beispiel',
    imgs: 'www.test.de/img',
    btnLink: 'shoplink',
    headline: 'Spicy das neue Spiel',
    introduction: 'Beispiel',
    definition: 'Beispiel',
    tutorial: 'Beispiel',
    specsText: 'Beispiel',
    endText: 'Beispiel',
    age: 12,
    duration: 30,
    players: 12,
    category: 'Beispiel',
    designer: 'Beispiel',
    language: 'Deutsch',
    releaseDate: 2020,
    topic: 'Beispiel',

module.exports = { articledata };

And here is my index.js:

const { ApolloServer } = require('apollo-server');

const schema = require('./schema');
const resolvers = require('./resolvers');

const server = new ApolloServer({
    typeDefs: schema,
    dataSources: () => {
        articleAPI: new ArticleAPI()

//The listen-method launches a web server
server.listen().then(({ url }) => {
    console.log('Server ready at ${url}');

Of course I searched on the web, but nothing seems to work for me. I’m very glad about your help!!


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Method 1

Did you check out the Apollo Server documentation? There is a lot of good information of connecting data sources to your server here.

There’s a section about SQL connections here. The documentation notes that Apollo does not provide dedicated SQL connections right now, but shows you how to create one by working through an example.

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