ASP.NET MVC ‘System.NullReferenceException’ in EntityFramework.dll

I clonned old respository of an ASP.NET MVC project. It uses MySql as its server. When I tried to run the project, it shows NullReference Error when trying to connect to database.

ASP.NET MVC 'System.NullReferenceException' in EntityFramework.dll

ASP.NET MVC 'System.NullReferenceException' in EntityFramework.dll

I’ve make sure the parameter that I sent is not null too.

I’ve installed MySql Connector for Visual Studio and MySql Connector NET on my machine.
If you can help or point how to access the error details to identify the problem cause that would be great.


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Method 1


Somehow I managed to solve it by updating my MySQL EF Nuget (was 8.0.19) to match the MySql Connector NET Version (now they’re both 8.0.26)

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