Attach a new virtual field after save using mongoose

This is my schema…

const personSchema = new Schema({
  firstName: String,
  lastName: String

This is my model…

const PersonModel = model('Persons', personSchema, 'persons');

This is my person object

const person = new PersonModel({
  firstName: 'Rick',
  lastName: 'Biruel'

When I save my object…

const result = await;

…I wish my person object with a third virtual field called ‘fullName’ like this:

// result = {
//   firstName: 'Rick',
//   lastName: 'Biruel',
//   fullName: 'Rick Biruel'
// };

To achieve this result, I tried this to no avail….'save', async function () {
  this.fullName = `${this.firstName} ${this.lastName}`;

P.S. No error occurs, but the third field ‘fullName’ doesn’t exist in my person object. The fullName field must not persist on database!


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Method 1

You can achieve this using VirtualType, and you can also find an example that is very similar to your problem in Mongoose official documentation.

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