Autonumber in Marketing Cloud?

I am currently building a smartcapture form. It is capturing new contacts to be stored in a data extension in marketing cloud. It takes their name, email address etc. I also want it to assign them a unique number as a secondary personal id (email address is used as primary key and subscriber key).

Is there a way?


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Method 1

There’s no auto-numbering in SFMC.

You have a few options:

You can assign them a GUID with the NewID() SQL function in a Query Activity.

You can reference the hidden _CustomObjectKey column in a Data Extension. It’s a unique number assigned to each row. It is not always sequential and does not start at 1.

You can use a ranking function in SQL to assign a number to each row:

, x.insertDate
, x.idNum
  , s.insertDate 
  , row_number() over (order by s.insertDate desc) idNum
  from signupform s
) x

Either way, you’ll need to run a Query Activity on your captured data to populate it.

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