Axios post with proxy on create-react-app hosting server doesn’t work

I have following line in my package.json (react app)

"proxy": ""

I’m requesting data using REST-API call'/user_data', { //
    .then((response) => { 
    .catch((error) => {


Above code works fine if I use it in my local system, But if I build a project and upload into hosting server proxy doesn’t work.

Anyone know the solution? I have checked in github also but not found proper solution.


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Method 1

I think you should define your proxy in the axios config, if it should be applied globally for every requests, you can use this code to define the Global axios default

import axios from 'axios'; = ""
axios.defaults.proxy.port = ...
axios.defaults.proxy.auth.username = ...
axios.defaults.proxy.auth.password = ...

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