Blade template not executing @else clause

I have a Blade template that loads a list of users and displays their various details.

If a user has no mobile number I want to display the message “No Mobile Number” (I’ve tried single and double quotes), this never gets displayed:

@if ($person->Mobile >= "")
    {{ $person->Mobile }}
    'No Mobile Number' 

I tried substituting the “No Mobile” message with {{ $person->EMail }} (which I’m displaying elsewhere, so I know everyone has an email address), but still go nothing, as far as I can tell the logic isn’t going into the @else block.
Any ideas?


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Method 1

This should work

@if (!empty($person->Mobile))
    {{{ $person->Mobile }}}
    'No Mobile Number' 

Method 2

I use this approach:

@if( isset($error_message) )
        <strong>Holly molly! </strong><em>{{  $error_message  }} :(</em>

I have a section content and inside content have another section error_message so if error_message variable is set, show that content section and inside print my error_message.

PD: I haven’t my original code to hand… Im currently using Twig as primary template engine in Laravel4. Twig beats Blade in simplycity and is very usefull

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