Call a server side button click function from client side

I have a button like this:

<asp:LinkButton runat="server" ID="btnDeleteActivity" OnClientClick="return ConfirmDelete()" OnClick="btnDeleteActivity_Click">
     Delete activity

and this HTML:

<i class="fa fa-trash" onclick="DeleteActivity()"></i>

in JS I have this:

function DeleteActivity() {
   document.getElementById('<%= btnDeleteActivity.ClientID %>').click();

The problem is that when I click on the i element, it calls only the OnClientClick of the button, and ignores the OnClick. (the JS function inside OnClientClick is just a simple return confirm(‘some message’))

I tried to delete the OnClientClick and test only with the OnClick on the button, but it still not calling it. When I test clicking directly on the button, it works perfectly.

Someone have an idea of what can be the problem?


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Method 1

You can either alter JavaScript function ConfirmDelete() to return true when clicked by the i tag (by setting a global variable).

Or add another button which doesn’t display or contain a JavaScript OnClick to handle the post back.

For example:


Alternatively you can just call PostBack

function DeleteActivity() {
   __doPostBack('<%= btnDeleteActivity.UniqueID %>','')

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