Can someone please help solve a syntax error using PHP match function to display products?

I am trying to display products by pulling from mysql database. The code uses a function called getProductById that pulls products from the database. The idea is to match the product with the right price and then display the product with the function cartElement. I would like to thank you so much in advance for taking your time to help.

Note: Using PHP Version 7.3.11

Error Message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=>' (T_DOUBLE_ARROW) in /Library/WebServer/Documents/J_Renzo_Mobile_Website_Draft/cart.php on line 90

My code:

            $total = 0;
            if(isset($_SESSION['cart']) && count($_SESSION['cart']) > 0) {
                foreach ($_SESSION['cart'] as $cartProduct) {
                    $product = $database->getProductById((int)$cartProduct['product_id']);
                    $price = match($cartProduct['option']) {
                        'exclusive' => $product['exclusive'],
                        'unlimited' => (int)$product['unlimited'],
                        'premium' => (int)$product['premium'],
                        default => (int)$product['basic'],
                    if (is_numeric($price)) {
                        $total += $price;
                    cartElement($product['product_image'], $product['product_name'],$price,$product['id']);
                    //break; I don't know if I need this...
            } else {
                echo "<h5>Cart is empty.</h5>";

Bind_param() statement giving errors:

//get product by id from database...
public function getProductById(int $id): array{
    //$stmt = $this->con->prepare('SELECT * FROM $tablename WHERE id = ?');
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM Productdb WHERE id = ?";
    $stmt = $this->con->prepare($sql);
    $stmt->bind_param("i", $id);
    $result = $stmt->get_result();
    return $result->fetch_assoc();


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Method 1

Revise the match statement below

 $price = match($cartProduct['option']) {
                        'exclusive' => $product['exclusive'],
                        'unlimited' => (int)$product['unlimited'],
                        'premium' => (int)$product['premium'],
                        default => (int)$product['basic'],

to read something like this for equivalent functionality as an example

    $price = call_user_func(function($cartProduct, $product) {
         switch($cartProduct['option']??null) {
              case 'exclusive': return $product['exclusive'];
              case 'unlimited' : return (int)$product['unlimited'];
              case 'premium' : return (int)$product['premium'];
              default : return (int)$product['basic'];
    }, $cartProduct, $product);

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