Can we generate PDF in ExactTarget?

I want to generate PDF document on the basis of data available in my customer DataExtension and print it in proper format so that it can be sent to customer by a email. is there any AmpScript, SSJS, API AmpScript functions or any other way to generate PDF document in ExactTarget?

If anyone has any ideas or experience with this your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Method 1

Your best bet would be to generate the PDFs outside the platform.

I suppose you could build a Script Activity that uses some sort of JS library (like referenced in this post) to generate the PDF from HTML and then create a Portfolio object for it with the SSJS/AMPscript API functions. It’d be a good idea to build all of the PDFs for your audience in advance by adding aforementioned Script Activity to an Automation.

Once the PDF has been uploaded to the Portfolio (or simply accessible via public web address), then you can certainly attach it to an email in the platform with the AttachFile() AMPScript function.

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