Cannot connect to Laravel server in Virtual Box appliance

I am trying to implement my first Rest API using Laravel.

I am running Debian on a Virtual Box machine on a Windows host. The network card of the VM is configured to “Host-only adapter”.

I am able to reach the phpmyadmin instance on the machine using http://ip-of-the-vm/phpmyadmin. But when I try to reach the Laravel appliance on http://ip-of-the-vm:8000 it does not work. I think the port could be the problem.

Does anybody have a suggestion for how to solve this?


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Method 1

The problem was that laravel was only reachable over localhost. You have to start the server using
php artisan serve --host where should be replaced with the ip of the server.
You can optionally define a port if you want by using
php artisan serve --host --port 80 for example.

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