Can’t delete an object when using a different database connection

I have a table

Can't delete an object when using a different database connection

When I delete, I kept getting

Can't delete an object when using a different database connection

Note : I connected to a specific database driver babies with a table name babySettings

I don’t know why I can’t delete this :

public function destroy($id)

    $inputs  = Request::all();
    $baby    = DB::connection('babies')->table("babySettings")->find($id);
    $oldBaby = $baby;

    $deleteLock = [1,2,3];

    if(in_array((int)$id,$deleteLock)) {
        return Redirect::to('/baby') ->with('error', 'F* off');


        $logs   = DB::connection('babies')->table("babyLogs")->where('babyId',$id)->get();
        if(count($logs) > 0){
            foreach ($logs as $log) {




    return Redirect::to($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) ->with('success', $oldBaby->babyName . ' + (' . count($logs) . ') removed!');


Did I do something wrong ?

If I dd out the $baby, I seem to get it

{#501 ▼
  +"id": 93
  +"status": 0
  +"uuid": "28753a43-2c30-4ce0-b4db-b177a8d6ae3c"
  +"name": "John Doe"
  +"email": "<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="f19b959e94b19696df929e9c">[email protected]</a>"
  +"password": "$2y$10$oIq.SwurET3JBLuXgSJwLOUAZADQTjOTcnPKijV1EmUNBnsreoLvm"
  +"phone": ""
  +"address": ""
  +"babyName": "tyty"
  +"babyDob": "2021-04-18"
  +"verifyCode": "EnQoq8cheWGL4a37wyhtaK6fevJRZGLHoCyZ&t=1618743364"
  +"babyProfilePath": ""
  +"babyBgPath": null
  +"adminCode": "x895Gq"
  +"readOnlyCode": "Z1EVdd"
  +"created_at": "2021-04-18 07:56:04"
  +"updated_at": "2021-04-18 07:56:04"
  +"feedingInterval": 2
  +"displayMode": 2
  +"imgUrAlbumId": null


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Method 1

When you use DB, it returs a collection of sstdClass objects.

The delete function isn’t available for stdClass objects. You can use DB to delete your records:

$logs = DB::connection('babies')->table("babyLogs")->where('babyId',$id)->get();

foreach ($logs as $log) {
    DB::connection('babies')->table('babyLogs')->where('id', $log->id)->delete();

Or, you can delete all with one query:


The baby is also stdClass, so, you have to delete it using query builder or eloquent:

DB::connection('babies')->table("babySettings")->where('id', $id)->delete();

Method 2

You’re not using the Eloquent ORM by fetching a record using the DB::table method. The record you are fetching is just a standard object, so it has no method available to delete.

You could use Eloquent to fetch the record in a more structured way by binding it to an model, or you can use the DB helpers (Query Builder) to delete the record the same way you are fetching it.

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