Can’t make a custom Signature validator class [Laravel 8 Spatie Webhook Client]

I am a beginner and I’m trying to make a custom signature validator class and following the Spatie documentation I made the file CustomSignatureValidator.php which implements SpatieWebhookClientSignatureValidatorSignatureValidator but I’m getting the following error:

App/Handler/CustomSignatureValidator is not a valid signature validation class. A valid signature validator is a class that implements SpatieWebhookClientSignatureValidatorSignatureValidator

This is how it looks like:

    namespace AppHandlerCustomSignatureValidator;
    use IlluminateHttpRequest;
    use SpatieWebhookClientExceptionsWebhookFailed;
    use SpatieWebhookClientWebhookConfig;
    use SpatieWebhookClientSignatureValidatorSignatureValidator;
    class CustomSignatureValidator implements SignatureValidator
        public function isValid(Request $request, WebhookConfig $config): bool
            return true;

I’ve also tried using
use SpatieWebhookClientSignatureValidatorSignatureValidator as SignatureValidator;

But i am also getting the same error.

If you could tell me what am i doing wrong i would really appreciate it.


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Method 1

I think you’ve got one too many CustomSignatureValidator. Your namespace is AppHandlerCustomSignatureValidator, which means your class will be AppHandlerCustomSignatureValidatorCustomSignatureValidator.

I’m guessing the error isn’t because your class is not implementing the right interface, but that it can’t be found by the autoloader.

Try removing CustomSignatureValidator from your namespace, which will cause your class to become AppHandlerCustomSignatureValidator, which Laravel should be able to find.

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