Change state of React component from old external Javascript?

How can I change the state of a React component from my old legacy jQuery soup

I have a component like this:

var AComponent = React.createClass({
  getInitialState: function() {
    return { ids: [] }
  render: function() {
  onButtonClick: function() {
    ids.splice(…); // remove the last id

When something special happens in the old jQuery soup code, I’d like to
push an id to AComponent.state.ids. How can I do that?

One “obvious” solution is an anti-pattern; here it is:

var componentInstance = AComtonent({});
React.renderComponent(componentInstance, document.getElementById(...));

// Somewhere else, in the jQuery soup. Something special happens:

This is an antipattern, according to this email from a Facebook
because he writes that componentInstance might be destroyed by React.


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Method 1

I would make the component stateless. Store the ids array outside of your component and pass it as a prop with functions that will modify the array. See example on JSFiddle:

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