Check if a key is in gun.js

For example, before I put something in the database I want to check if that entry is already there.
I try to do this:

gun.get('demograph').once((data, key) => {
  console.log("realtime updates 1:", data);

but I didn’t get a response if ‘demograph’ is or not in the database( for example to get true or false) I just get the result.

I also tried to use .not from extensible API but I is not working.
Anyone has any idea how to check if an entry is already in the database?


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Method 1

I’m not a user of Gun but from what I see in the doc
get allows a second argument callback where you can test for not found

gun.get(key, function(ack){
  } else
    // not found
  } else {
    // data!

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