Comparing dates in MySQL ignoring time portion of a DateTime field

I need to compare dates in MySQL ignoring the time portion in a DateTime column. I have tried the following SQL.

SELECT * FROM order_table where order_date=date_format('2012-05-03', '%Y-%m-%d');

It doesn’t retrieve any row even though there is a date 2012-05-03 10:16:46 in MySQL table. How can the time portion in the DateTime field be ignored while comparing dates in MySQL?


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Method 1

You could use the DATE function:

SELECT col1, col2, ..., coln
FROM order_table
WHERE date(order_date) = '2012-05-03'

But this is more efficient, if your table is large and you have an index on order date:

SELECT col1, col2, ..., coln
FROM order_table
WHERE order_date >= '2012-05-03'
AND order_date < '2012-05-04'

Method 2

If you want to pass in a date then you can try something like this:

where YEAR(order_date)='2012' AND MONTH(order_date)='05' AND DAY(order_date)='03'

You can look at this for more functions.

Method 3

@Mark has got the good approach but just be careful that you will always have to calculate and find next day in that case. If you want to avoid that and still ignore time you could do following:

WHERE order_date >= '2012-05-27 00:00:00' AND order_date <= '2012-05-27 23:59:59'

I hope this makes sense.

Method 4

SELECT * FROM order_table WHERE date(order_date) = '2012-05-03';

Method 5

This is bit old …. but a correct answer also is using the date_format at the column order_date like below:

SELECT * FROM order_table where date_format(order_date, '%Y-%m-%d')='2012-05-03';

Method 6

Maybe, you can use function like date(). But in this case speed can be decreased, because index cannot be using. So, I recommend to use

SELECT * FROM order_table 
WHERE order_date between('2012-05-03 0:0:0' and '2012-05-03 23:59:59')

Method 7

one of the following could be used when comparing dates in MySQL:

DATEDIFF() Subtract two dates
TIMEDIFF() Subtract time
TIMESTAMPDIFF() Subtract an interval from a datetime expression
PERIOD_DIFF()   Return the number of months between periods

for more on date functions MySQL documentation.

Method 8

In my case i had , DATE_FORMAT and CONVERT_TZ

The only one worked for me is this

DATE_FORMAT(CONVERT_TZ(`order_item`.created, '+0:00', '+2:00'), '%d/%m/%Y %H:%i') 

('12/02/2018 01:42') 
('12/02/2018 10:51')

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