component definition is missing display name on HOC

I’m trying to create a higher order component but keep getting this eslint waring.

component definition is missing display name

I tried adding a display name like below but it still complains.

import React from 'react';

const HOC = props => (WC) => {
  WC.displayName = 'test'
  return (
    <WC />

export default HOC;


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Method 1

Two things you need to correct.

First: Fix order of your functional component declaration.

Second: setting displayName to the component returned from HOC

const HOC = WC => {
  const MyComp = (props) => {
    return (
        <WC {...props} />
  MyComp.displayName = 'test'
  return MyComp;

Once you make the above change. You just need to use the HOC like
const MyCompWithHoc = HOC(CompA);

and render it like
<MyCompWithHoc propsA={'A'} {...otherPropsYouWantToPass} />

Method 2

HOC is the component that’s lacking a displayName property. The code you have above is changing the displayName property of WC which you don’t want.

HOC.displayName = 'some higher component'

Method 3

Your HOC should take the component as the first argument instead of props, see the example in the React docs:

EDIT: You can pass it props either by returning a functional component:

const HOC = WC => props => {
  WC.displayName = 'test'
  return (
    <WC {...props} />

Or just return the wrapped component after setting the displayName:
const HOC = WC => {
  WC.displayName = 'test';
  return WC;

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