Converting plain password to Laravel encrypted password

I have a table called “users” where I have username and password from my users.

The passwords are in plain text. Now I’ve created a new site with Laravel 5.4 and Auth.

So if a user wants to loggin into my site I need to convert my password plain text to the new password encrypted.

How can I get the “salt” from my Auth and also a tools to get the encrypted password from my plain password and “salt”. The reason is because I created a new column in my users table so I want to put there the password encrypted using a query.

Thanks for helping!


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Method 1

Laravel uses bcrypt() to hash passwords. Assuming you have the plain text passwords stored in users.password, you just need to loop through and bcrpyt() them.

AppUser::get()->each(function ($user) {
    $user->password = bcrypt($user->password);

The above code will overwrite the plain text value stored in users.password with the hashed value. After you do this, user’s should be able to log in with Laravel’s auth. Additionally, you will not be able to retrieve the user’s plain text password. This is good, and is the whole point of hashing passwords.

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