Create $() Jquery into pure Javascript

I’m trying to create this Jquery code into pure javascript

let container = $('body');

let cursor = $('<div/>').addClass('cursor').html('<svg/></svg>').appendTo(container);

But I got confused when creating a pure javascript selector for this type of selection method from jquery


When i try to console $('<div/>') then the output

w.fn.init [div]
 0: div
  length: 1
 [[Prototype]]: Object(0)

Could someone help me to create this jquery code into pure js code


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Method 1

// Cache the container
const container = document.querySelector('body');

// Create a new element
const cursor = document.createElement('div');

// Add the className, and innerHTML
cursor.className = 'cursor';
cursor.innerHTML = '<svg></svg>';

// Append it to the container
.cursor { border: 1px solid black; height: 100px; width: 100px; }

Additional documentation

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