Database.emptyRecycleBin(ID[]) is showing some flaws

I’m trying to delete certain records from the recycle bin.
I am querying the Account records like as:

Map<Id,Account>accMap = new Map<Id,Account>([Select from Account where Type='xyz value' ALL ROWS]);
List<ID> accIds = new List<Id>(accmap.keyset());// Getting correct Ids 
//my account records are successfully deleted from recycle bin

However if i do the same query again then it again showing the same account records.

Can anyone help me why these records are coming out by SOQL but has already been removed from recycle bin.


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Method 1

This is because the records have not been hard deleted from the recycle bin. Salesforce runs a process on a scheduled basis that physically deletes records that have been deleted from the recycle bin, if that process has not run yet, you will still see the records there.

A fuller description of the behavior of emptyRecycleBin can be found here.

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