Deployment – Error: You can’t use the Large form factor with a Lightning component action override

Has anyone encountered this on v42.0 and if so, was there a resolution? I am overriding the “New” Case action with a Lightning component.

Strangely enough, when attempting to deploy to an org that org on API v41.0, the message is instead: objects/Case.object -- Error: Large is not a supported form factor.

In the Case.object metadata, here is the relevant action override section (you can see formFactor is indeed set to “large”:


However, a value of “large” seems to be what the documentation for the actionOverride metadata requires for a lightning component override –

the Large value represents the Lightning Experience desktop
environment and is only valid for the flexipage and lightningcomponent


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Method 1

I was testing and removing the <formFactor>Large</formfactor> line from the metadata allowed the deploy to succeed, and the override appears to be working correctly in the target org.

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