Developerforce’s workbench site can’t be reached

Since yesterday I’m getting a weird error while trying to access the Workbench:
enter image description here

I’ve already tried with different browsers, flushed the dns cache, deleted all the cached data from Chrome.
I’ve also tried using some dnslookup online tools, at the end I’ve tried to download the index page from a vps in the cloud using wget, but I always get the same “DNS address not found” error.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue / has found a solution / knows if it’s a Salesforce problem?

UPDATE 17 August: the Workbench is back online.


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Method 1

Found the issue.

The workbench is a third party tool managed by people that (apparently) have nothing to do with Salesforce itself, so the workbench is not a supported app.
The certificate they were using has expired, they are trying to update it.

You can follow the issue here:

A possible solution is to install the workbench locally on your server / local machine.
Instructions can be found here:

Method 2

“Try out Workbench at Note, some of the limits and features are restricted for this demo for performance reasons.” (Emphasis mine.) According to the Workbench page on Salesforce, he Developerforce Workbench page is a demo page, and I never found it to be reliable.

You can deploy workbench to Heroku yourself and not have to rely on the actual webpage. In short, clone, this repo, add the Phing buildpack, and push to Heroku. More details can be found in the “Deploy Workbench To Heroku” section of the Workbench page listed below.

Deploy Workbench To Heroku

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