Discrepancy between _Open data view and Tracking Open list (inferred opens)

Sorry if this question had been asked before. In short we found that the Unique Open amount on the tracking page is different to the amount shown in _open data view (we count distinct Subscribers).

Basically we have a nightly automated job to extract _open data view and loaded everything into the database. Then at the end of the email campaign we want to build some reports based on the data extracted.

We then found some subscribers in the _Open data view could not be found from the Unique Open list on the tracking page.

From investigation we found that in history activities these subscribers have “Click” event but do not have “Open” event. So it seems that in the _Open data view “click” also means “Open”, but it won’t be counted as “Open” on the tracking page

Does it mean the _Open data view is using a different logic to the tracking page?


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Method 1

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Tracking Extracts include an option for ‘inferred’ opens, which is likely the discrepancy you are seeing.

From Documentation:

Basically an inferred open is when there is a click associated with a subscriber without a recorded open (e.g. if images are blocked). Inferred opens are not included inside of any UI tracking and Data Views. I believe these are only available via the Tracking Extract or if you manually create a record of them via SQL queries.

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