Failed to load response data when updating data with file uploaded using laravel and inertiaJs

I am building a SPA using Laravel 8 and inertiaJs

I am trying to update records that have a uploaded file (input file).
When storing data everything is good, but I have a problem when I try to update with file uploaded.

There is no error showing in the console or from the server. In network tab I see the message “Failed to load response”, and like a result, the required fields show errors, it’s like I sent an empty data.

see image : Image showing the errors

This is my code:


Route::put('/software/{software}', [SoftwareController::class, 'update'])->name('software.update');


 public function update(Request $request, Software $software)
        $data = $request->validate([
            'name' => 'required',
            'software_version' => 'nullable',
            'doc_ref' => 'nullable',
            'doc_version' => 'nullable',
            'doc_name' => 'required_with:doc_ref',
            'doc_filename' => 'nullable|file|mimes:docx,doc,xlsx,xls,pdf,jpg,png',

        $doc_filename = $request->file('doc_filename') ? $request->file('doc_filename')->store('software/equipment', 'public') : null;
        $software->update(array_merge($data, ['doc_filename' => $doc_filename]));

        return Redirect::back()->with('success', 'Software updated.');


        if (confirm("Do you want to update the software ?")) {
                {software : this.software_id}), this.form);


this.form : contain the data related to v-model

this.software_id : contain the id of the current instance.


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Method 1

You’re problem is likely that you are using the PUT method which is not be default supported by HTML forms using a multipart/form-data request, I bet you are using POST when storing the file which is working.

Try adding using post but adding this <input type="hidden" name="_method" value="PUT"> to your form.

Or you can change your update method to:

        if (confirm("Do you want to update the software ?")) {
                {software : this.software_id,
                 _method: 'put',
                }), this.form);

Check out the documentation here on how to spoof the method.

And read here on how to properly upload an image with Inertia.

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