Fetch messages beyond the cache

I’m developing a BOT that replies to messages.
But there is a problem that due to 13v, BOT can only fetch messages which are in the cache.

const refMessageID = await logChannel.messages.cache.find(c => c.content === referenceMessage.content)

As you can see here, I need to fetch the message from the cache.
Do you know any option/method/technique from where I can fetch the messages even if they are not in the cache?

Thank you.


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Method 1

You can use something like this in an asynchronous function:

const messages = await logChannel.messages.fetch();
const message = messages.find(c => c.content == referenceMessage.content);

logChannel.messages.fetch() will fetch all messages in the channel and returns the same object as cache, but not missing messages out.

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