Find and count occurences of a substring of table1 in table2 and have a result group by another column of table2

I have a table1

| id | mystring
|1   |value1-value2-value4|
|2   |value2-value3       |
|3   |value3-value4-value5|

than the table2

| id |type  | name | cat|
|1   |type1 |value1|cat1|
|2   |type1 |value2|cat1|
|3   |type1 |value3|cat1|
|4   |type1 |value4|cat2|
|5   |type2 |value5|cat3|

then I want this result

|cat |count|
|cat1|5    |
|cat2|2    |

I search a lot on and the best I manage to do is

SELECT cat,name,
      (SELECT ROUND((SUM(CHAR_LENGTH(mystring)) -
                SUM(CHAR_LENGTH(REPLACE(mystring, name, ''))))
               / CHAR_LENGTH(name)) FROM table1 AS occurrence_count
FROM table2 GROUP BY name,cat having occurrence_count>0

but the result is

|name  |cat |count|
|value1|cat1|1    |
|value2|cat1|2    |
|value3|cat1|2    |
|value4|cat2|2    |

But I want it to be group by cat only and have the sum of all the values in the same categories.
Ih I delete “name” in the GROUP BY, The count is false because the result just forget the 2 last rows. So please can anybody help me ?


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Method 1

I would probably write this query using a join approach:

SELECT, COUNT( AS occurrence_count
FROM table2 t2
LEFT JOIN table1 t1
    ON CONCAT('-', t1.mystring, '-') LIKE CONCAT('%-',, '-%')


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