Free plugin to create/display Photoshop measurement annotations

I found this plugin SpecKing that looks like it’s just about exactly what I’m looking for, I haven’t tried it out yet though because I was hoping to find a free, maybe even open source alternative..

Does anyone know of any open-source and/or free Photoshop plugins similar to this one?

I’m looking to extend the functionality of the measure tool so as to actually display annotated measurements of the measured distances for convenient reference.. like a blueprint basically.

202 px annotated measurement


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Method 1

There’s this Photoshop script that is free, called Pixelmeasure. It’s not as complete as SpecKing, you will need to first make a selection and then run the script to get the measurements.

enter image description here

If you have ever done site mockups in Photoshop and needed to mark
these with pixel measurements you know what an incredibly tedious task
this can be.

I went looking for a script that would help you automatize this
process. Surprised to not find one, I decided to write one myself.


  • Download the latest version, unzip and place the Pixel Measure.jsx file in your Photoshop scripts directory (located in /Presets/Scripts).
  • Restart Photoshop.

The Pixel Measure script should be visible in the File > Scripts menu. You can create a keyboard shortcut to the script using the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts menu.


  • Make a selection in a document and run the script.
  • To create a horizontal measurement – select an area that has a greater width than height, and vice versa.
  • The color of the measurement is determined by your current foreground color.
  • The line thickness of the measurement is determined by your current pencil settings.

Method 2

Ink is a free plugin that will provide spec documentation for your Photoshop document. It provides layer measurements, text formatting, and layer style information with the option of turning any or all of these on and off.

To install, download and run the Ink plugin from the link above.

Once installed, reopen Photoshop and open the extension by going to Window > Extensions > Ink. Select an object or text layer in your document and press the yellow ink button or text button (respectively) to see your document annotations.

Method 3

I am a designer and front-end engineer on one design studio, I just used Markly to do app design spec, I think it’s really cool photoshop spec tool with so many creative functions like smart measure, update spec automatically etc. I inadvertently discovered this post, so I think I should recommend it. And I found it from producthunt:
enter image description here

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