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Using Javascript how can I identify the element at a given position? Basically I’m looking to write a function that takes two input parameters (the x and y coordinates) and returns the html element at the position on the screen represented by the parameters.


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Method 1

document.elementFromPoint(x, y)
document.elementsFromPoint(x, y)

Method 2

You can use the native JavaScript elementFromPoint(x, y) method, that returns the element at coordinates x,y in the viewport.

See the elementFromPoint w3c draft

And, a code sample:

function changeColor(newColor) {
    // Get the element placed at coords (2, 2)
    var elem = document.elementFromPoint(2, 2);
    // Set the foreground color to the element = newColor;
<p id="para1">Change this text color using the following buttons.</p>
<button onclick="changeColor('blue');">Blue</button>
<button onclick="changeColor('red');">Red</button>

You can use setInterval() to continuously check the element’s hover event but it’s not recommended, try to use .hover(...) and css instead to enhance the application performance.

Method 3

To get the topmost element at a specific position relative to the viewport, document.elementFromPoint(x, y) can be used.

To obtain an array of all the elements at a specific position, use document.elementsFromPoint(x, y).

In both cases, x is the horizontal coordinate which is relative to the left of the viewport and y is the vertical coordinate which is relative to the top of the viewport.

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