get last id form database in laravel-8

I want to get only the last inserted data from my database.
Here, I get all data from the database but I want only the last value.
This is ProductController.php

function indextwo() 
    return DB::select("select * from  products");

This is web.php

Route::get('products_link', [ProductController::class, 'indextwo']);

Here is my current output:

get last id form database in laravel-8


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Method 1

You can get the last id using Query Builder and Eloquent.

Query Builder

function indextwo() {
    return DB::table('products')->orderBy('id', 'DESC')->first();


function indextwo() {
    return Product::orderBy('id', 'DESC')->first();

Method 2

Maybe you can use latest() function for get

$user = DB::select("select * from  products")

Method 3

Maybe you can use Model name direct in controller like your model name is “Product” and also use limit() and latest()

$user = Products::latest()->limit(1);

Method 4

A very simple way you can follow


It will return you the latest inserted data according to order by id desc.

Another way :


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