Getting old php version while installing Laravel

I’ve installed two xampp in different drives(windows) as follow:

Drive G: xampp (php 5.6)
Drive C: xampp (php 7.2)

I’ve also set environmental variable to php 7 drive in PATH variable. But still getting error during installing latest laravel that:
This package requires php >=7.0.0 but your PHP version (5.6.35) does not satisfy that requirement.

When I run following command in CMD it also shows php 5.6.3:
php -v

System is restarted, CMD is restared, what else I missed or have to do so that I can get latest PHP version? The strange thing is that when I run php file in xampp with 7 version it shows PHP 7.2.4 in phpinfo().

Note: I do need php 5.6 for other old projects that’s why I can’t delete second xampp.

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Method 1

I am not sure which windows you are using but as i think it is window 10

Make Sure you are adding PATH in your case C:xamppphp in system variables instead of user variables

and try to run ECHO %PATH% in cmd and check if there is path added for PHP 7 not 5.6

Method 2

If your using linux just update your default php

sudo update-alternatives --set php /usr/bin/php7.2

If your using any other operating system then check how to set default version.

For windows:

Download php from and extract it to C:xamppphp7.2 and set this path.

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