Getting parent json data in child level loop. (Laravel Vue js)

I have API data which I get from controller using

return parent::with('children')->get();

it gives me this:


I can display it after fetching with axios like this:

    George has 2 children:
        1. Glory
        2. Susan
    Robin has 1 child:
        1. Luke

Now my goal is to display it like this:

    Name   | parent's name 
    Glory  | George
    Susan  | George
    Luke   | Robin

is there a way to achieve it in vue js or in contoller, models or anyewhere else?


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Method 1

Define the reverse relationship between Children and Parent, in which you will return the parent model with every children; and then in your controller you return all record that have a non-null parent with their parents

return Model::where("parent_id", "<>", null)->with("parent")->get();

and then in your VueJS app you will have a JSON response of all children models along with their parents.

Method 2

I got the answer from here:
Select from multiple tables with laravel fluent query builder

so, i changed this:

return parent::with('children')->get();

to this:

  return DB::table('parent')
        ->join('children', 'parent_id', '=', '')

but first i changed the name field in parent table to parent_name

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