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I’m dealing with a reservation system.ı use firebase realtime database. So I want to remove past data (historically, before today). I decided to use firebase functions for this.I try to use if else (I don’t know if there is an easier way) but I couldn’t use break and return commands. How can I stop this after deleting the days before today.

database structure :

exports.removePrev =
 functions.pubsub.schedule("every 5 minutes").onRun((context) => {
   const day = new Date();
   const targetDateFormat = new Date(day).toLocaleDateString("en-US", {
     year: "numeric",
     month: "2-digit",
     day: "2-digit"});
   const resultDay = targetDateFormat.replace(/[/]/g, "-");
       if (days.key != resultDay) {
       } else if (days.key==resultDay) {
         //Want to break;
   return null;


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Method 1

forEach does not support break, check this answer
Short circuit Array.forEach like calling break

alternatively you can use for of , MDN Docs:…of

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