How can i apply colspan inside my nested thead component?

I built the following stackblitz example

As you can see I have parent table table which has one child component called table-header

If I write this code directly in my table component then my th colspan attribute will get applied
and will get the whole width of the table

    <th class="tableHeader" colspan="12">my table header</th>

but if I put the same code inside nested component – in my casetable-header

then the code does not work and the colspan attribute does not get applied to the table and does not get the full width of the table.

How can I fix this?


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Method 1

The problem is how the app-table-header component is rendered by Angular. If you look at the result of the table being rendered you will see something like….

result of original table render

    <th class="tableHeader" colspan="12">my table header</th>
      <th colspan="12">my table header</th>

When app-table-header rendered there is an extra element between the <table> and the <thead> which breaks the table.

A possible solution is to make app-table-header an attribute selector, [app-table-header] and use a thead in your table with the attribute selector <thead app-table-header>.


  selector: 'thead[app-table-header]',
  templateUrl: './table-header.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./table-header.component.css']
export class TableHeaderComponent implements {
  public heading: string = '';


<!-- Remove the thead from here -->
<th class="tableHeader" colspan="12">{{ heading }}</th>


    <th class="tableHeader" colspan="12">my table header</th>
  <thead app-table-header heading="Passing heading down with @Input"></thead>

This will result in the below html

    <th class="tableHeader" colspan="12">my table header</th>
  <thead app-table-header>
    <th colspan="12">Passing heading down with @Input</th>

See stackblitz below


  • Updated the selector to thead[app-table-header] as suggested by @
    Mazedul Islam.
  • Added @Input() to show you can pass values down with inputs.
  • Updated stackblitz

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