How can i customize permission for Attachment as well as Note object in my custom profile

I have created custom profile which i am using for my customer portal users.How can i customize permission for Attachment and Note object?so that users can access attachment in customer portal.


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Method 1

Place “Notes and Attachments” on the Page Layout for that Profile and it should just appear.

Method 2

Notes and Attachments are a little funky in that their aren’t permissions associated with them directly. Instead the permissions are determined based on the parent object which can cause some issues. Specifically user’s need to have Edit profile perms on the parent object and read/write visibility to the parent record. In addition they’ll need to have the “Notes and Attachments” related list visible on the page layout.

Method 3

It seems that the object that contains Notes & Attachment is “Private” in OWD/Sharing settings. If “Grant access using hierarchy” is enabled then you can grant higher level of role to that user which resolve Insufficient Privilege error.

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