How can I disable some mysql dataset for a user specified time frame in my webapp and restore it automatically

i am developing a web app to admininstrate a mysql database.
So far this work is making a good progress.

Now i need a feature to deactivate some datasets for a time frame the user can choose in the web app.

After deactivating: The dataset shouldn´t be active in the database, but the user should be able to restore the dataset anytime. (i will create a page: “Deactivated”)

If the user doesnt restore the dataset. Then the dataset should be restored automatically when the specified time frame by the user is over.

How can i build this feature and disable some dataset for a time frame and restore it again after?

hope u understand and can help me 😉

i mean with dataset=rows in a database


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Method 1

You cannot solve this on the MySQL level. This database engine doesn’t recognize data sets and time-framing them as you describe (As far as I know).

Because of that, you have to solve this on the application level.
I don’t know what the structure of your database is, so let’s say you store your data in the table named dataset.

1. part: Deactivated

I need a feature to deactivate some datasets

A potential solution here is to add a flag to the table dataset. And let’s name it active. See MySQL Bool.

For this page

I will create a page: “Deactivated”
you can fetch data by this query

FROM dataset
WHERE active = false;

The consequence of this update (adding flag).
You should update all existing queries with this addition to the where clause: WHERE ... AND active = true.
For example, when you fetching data for a user with ID 10, the query is:

FROM dataset
WHERE user_id = 10
    AND active = true;

2. part: Time frame

For this part, I propose to use another column in the dataset table – let’s name it activation_date.

So, what is an idea here?
In this column, you store when that row should become active again.

For activation data, you need a job-scheduling framework. And each midnight, a background process executes this query.

UPDATE dataset
SET active = true
WHERE activation_date >= CURRENT_DATE();

Of course, you can use some more granular time; or activate your job at another time. It depends on the requirements.

Note for the job-scheduling framework. For Java, it could be Quartz. I am not sure which programming language you use; I guess, it has an equivalent tool like Quartz.

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