how can i display all posts where animal is dog using laravel

i have 2 tables posts & animals withe a relation of one to may

posts table:

animals table:

Animal model:

public function posts()
    return $this->hasMany(Post::class);

Post model:

public function animale()
    return $this->belongsTo(Animal::class);


  public function definition()
    return [
        'animal' => $this->faker->randomElement(['Dog', 'cat', 'fish']),



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Method 1

You’ve got a couple different ways to do this. You can either go via Animal model, or via the Post model:

Via Animal.php model:

$posts = Animal::where('animal', 'Dog')->first()->posts;

Via Post.php model:

$posts = Post::whereHas('animale', function ($query) {
  $query->where('animal', 'Dog');

Either of these approaches will return a Collection of Post models that are related to the Animal model for 'Dog'. The approach using animal_id in the other answer is valid, but only if you explicitly know the for 'Dog' is 1. If that changes, the query is completely invalid.

Method 2

It seems simple you just have to pass the dog id from the animal table.

$dog = Post::where('animal_id',1)->get();

or if you don’t know about ID follow the below approach

$dog = Post::whereHas('animals', function ($query) {
           $query->where('animal', 'Dog');

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