How can I get list of all workflow rules using apex?

How can I get list of all workflow rules using apex?
I want to retrieve names of all workflow rules using apex code.


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Method 1

I haven’t done it myself, but I think you could call the metadata api from apex and than process the output.

Method 2

Unfortunately I believe you would need to use the Metadata API for this, which requires processing outside of Apex (from Heroku in Python/Ruby, for example). However, if there’s a way to get this done from within Apex, I’ll be really happy to learn about it!

Method 3

I’ve been successful in getting parts of the Metadata API working from Apex using the WSDL2Apex tool and a few tweaks! However the listMetadata operation in respect to Workflow does not quite return what you would expect. Take a look at this answer for more info. Hope this helps!

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