How can I make sure that PDO’s lastInsertId() is not that of another simultaneous insert?

I am doing a signup form with an INSERT SQL query using PDO. After this INSERT, I want to extract the userid (auto incrementing, primary key) that was just created, and INSERT it into another table (a “confirmation code” table)

But how can I make sure that this userid is not that of a second user who registered 1/1000th of a second later that the first user?

Should I find some way of locking the table? Should I use transactions?


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Method 1

lastInsertId() returns the identifier of the last row inserted on that connection, so concurrent users (with different connections to the database) will not interfere.

Method 2

You can avoid this by doing a select by the email or some unique field. That will guarantee you get the correct user id.

For example:

select id from user_table where email = '<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="f386809681b3969e929a9fdd909c9e">[email protected]</a>' limit 1;

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