How can I preserve border width when scaling an object with Inkscape?

I want the borders to stay fixed in Inkscape when I’m resizing an object. I found these buttons in Inkscape v0.48.3.1, but they don’t seem to work. Is there any other settings that I should turn on?

These are the buttons that should control that:

enter image description here

The answer below should be valid, but for some reason this doesn’t work for me as I mentioned in the question already. It’s probably a bug or there’s some additional settings which prevent the normal behavior.


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Method 1

I’ve tried under Windows with your version and with the most recent one and it works as usual.

In order to maintain the border stroke while scaling the object, the first button should be up (in your screenshot seems to be down, i.e. the stroke is scaled with the object):

Maintain the border

Method 2

I had the same problem, and the suggested solution doesn’t work for me as well. I found another way around.

You select the ‘Edit path by nodes tool’ (F2), and select the path you want to transform. Select all nodes by pressing Ctrl+a. You then press the ‘Show transformation handles for selected nodes’ button (the four black arrows pointing towards each other).

You can now transform the path without changing the stroke width.

Method 3

The button did not work for me either.

I have the problem of changing line width when I group two objects and try to scale them together.

An alternative way to scale “grouped objects” is to combine the paths rather than group them. Then scale as per usual.

Method 4

At first I tought deactivating the button does not work for me either, but it was just the preview which was wrong. When scaling and still holding the mouse button the border also scaled. But after releasing the mouse button the border went back to its original size.

How can I preserve border width when scaling an object with Inkscape?

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