How can I Show a error 500 page in Laravel 8

Currently, I am working on a project in Laravel 8. for this I want to make some custom error pages specifically a 404 and a 500 page. I want to visit these pages via or so I can showcase them. Now I am able to get the 404 page to show with but not the 500 page. And I am unable to find sources on the internet that go into this regarding Larvel 8.
Is there anyone here that knows how I will be able to manage this? It would be a great help!


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Method 1

Just create a route for it and return the status code.

Route::get('/500', fn() => abort(500));

Method 2

Adding custom pages for errors will not simply override the existing error templates. First, you need to publish Laravel’s default error page templates using the vendor:publish Artisan command. Once the templates have been published, you may customize them to your liking:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-errors

You can add temporary routes as @Daan said to view the error pages.

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