How can I simulate a print statement in MySQL?

I have some procedures where I would like to get some kind of acknowledgement after a condition has been assessed.

For example, the pusedocode would be like,

if ( select count(*) from assgn to where eid = 1 )  > 5
  print " the total number of projects employee working is more than 5 "
  insert the value into the assgnto table

How should I go about doing that in MySQL?


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Method 1

If you do not want to the text twice as column heading as well as value, use the following stmt!

SELECT ‘some text’ as ”;

Example: mysql>SELECT ‘some text’ as ”;
| |
| some text |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Method 2

You can print some text by using SELECT command like that:

SELECT 'some text'


| some text |
| some text |
1 row in set (0.02 sec)

Method 3

This is an old post, but thanks to this post I have found this:

! echo 'some text';

Tested with MySQL 8 and working correctly. Cool right? 🙂

Method 4

to take output in MySQL you can use if statement


the if_true and if_false can be used to verify and to show output
as there is no print statement in the MySQL

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