How can we retrieve “Case Status” picklist values marked as “Closed” in setup?

I’ve marked multiple Case Status picklist values as “Closed”, and now I want to access only those picklist values which are marked as Closed in Apex class. I tried looking for this in documentation but could not find any thing.

I need to find "picklist" values which are marked here as Closed


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Method 1


You need to query a standard salesforce object CaseStatus:

This object represents a value in the case status picklist. Query the
CaseStatus object to retrieve the set of values in the case status

Select Id, MasterLabel From CaseStatus Where IsClosed = true

You nees to use this field “Status” in your SOQL query:

List<Case> cases = [select Id from case where status='Closed'];
System.debug('#### cases: ' + cases);

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