How could I have 2 different route keys names for my Post model? (Laravel)

I’ve made a simple Laravel CRUD, and I’m stuck on a problem.
My posts have a slug column and a uuid column in the table in which they are stored. I’ve binded the routes to the PostController using

Route::resource("posts", "PostController");

I want to be able to call the show route by using the slug in the URL, (, but to be able to call the edit route by using the UUID (
I’ve tried editing my Post model and changing getRouteKeyName:

class Post extends Model
    use HasFactory;

    // Set mass-assignable fields
    protected $fillable = ["title", "content", "category", "image", "slug", "uuid"];

     * Get the route keyfor the model
     * @return string
    public function getRouteKeyName() {
        return "slug";

I can only see to have UUID or slug, not both at the same time. How could I make it so that both UUID and slug retrieve my post?


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Method 1

If you want to pass extra route parameter, then you need to define an another route for that :

Route::get("posts/{uuid}/{slug}", "<a href="" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="d787b8a4a394b8b9a3a5b8bbbbb2a597b3b6a3b6">[email protected]</a>");

And your controller will be looked like :

public function data($uuid, $slug) {
    // You can access $uuid and $slug here

Method 2

You can either remove any type hints from your methods, or override the route model binding in your RouteServiceProvider.

Remove type hinting

public function show($post)
    $post = Post::where('slug', $post)->firstOrFail();

public function edit($post)
    $post = Post::where('uuid', $post);

Override route model binding

Add something like the following to the boot method of the RouteServiceProvider.

Route::bind('post', function ($value){
    return Post::where('slug', $value)->orWhere('uuid', $value)->firstOrFail();

You still use type hinting if you override the route model binding in the RouteServiceProvider.

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