How do I bridge a platform version difference between sandbox and production?

I was tasked with adding an app from the app exchange. As part of that process, I need to create a new trigger in the sandbox, and then move that to production via a change set. However, when I try to upload that to production, I’m getting an error:

error All components failed Version Compatibility Check. Every
component in this change set requires the “29.0” or higher platform
version. Please select an organization with a platform version of
“29.0” or higher.

Looks like my production version is 28.0, but sandbox is 29.0.

What’s the best course of action here? Should I update production?
If so, how do I do that?


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Method 1

You’re smack in the middle of a release cycle for the Winter ’14 release of Salesforce, which brings version 29.0 of the API. Sandboxes are typically upgraded at least a month in advance of the production release, which is why your code in the sandbox is on version 29.0. You can choose your API version however on your metadata components. You have two options:

1) roll back your code to version 28.0 of the API to deploy now.

2) Wait for your instance to be upgraded to Winter ’14, either this weekend or next weekend. The release schedule can be determined for your server at

Method 2

Solution copied from another answer since this question ranks highest in Google for the error and we’re in the midst of the Winter release.

I’ve just amended the trigger. Go to Setup> Develop> Apex
Triggers>(SelectTrigger) Edit> Click Version Settings> Change Version
to 32.0> Save. Deployed Successfully

Source: Changeset Error

Method 3

in sandbox go to your trigger and click edit
go to version settings tab
in API select the version you are running in Production
hit save
move change set.

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