how do i do a combobox in the datagridview with a mysql command?

I’m developing an application and I got stuck on the way.
Currently im using this code

adapter.SelectCommand = New MySqlCommand("SELECT id,description from xconfigwarehouses", connection)

table = New DataTable
cmb_destino.DataSource = table
cmb_destino.DisplayMember = "description"
cmb_destino.ValueMember = "id"
cmb_destino.SelectedIndex = -1

to open a normal combobox in the application but i wanted to add a column to a datagridview to became something similar
how do i do a combobox in the datagridview with a mysql command?

the project is in visual basic


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Method 1

Like you have done, except with a datagridviewcombobox instead. Set the DataPropertyName property to the column name of the main table, if you plan on using the combo to update that main table being shown in the grid

Imagine the situation of a Person datatable with a column GenderId that is an int. Also a Gender table with N number of id:name pairs like 1:male, 2:female etc.

personDt = new DataTable

genderDt = new DataTable

Then the setup would be:


  • DataSource = personDt


  • DataSource = genderDt
  • DisplayMember = “name” ‘e.g. “male”, “female”
  • ValueMember = “id” ‘e.g. 1, 2
  • DataPropertyName = “GenderId” ‘the name of the column in personDt that shall link to

ComboBox becomes 2 way: when it finds 1 in the person gender, it looks it up and shows “male”. When user changes item to “female” it gets associated 2 in genderDt.Id column and stores it to personDt.GenderId

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