How do I retain a previous value from a foreach, MySQL PDO loop?

My data is in MySQL, I prefer to use PDO, so I loop through the results with:

foreach( $db->($sql) as $row ) {
    $previous = ????;
    $counter = $row[counter];

But I need to keep the previous value of $counter for testing in the next loop. I tried using this previous SO question,

Trying to get next and previous item in foreach loop in PHP in symfony?

but I don’t understand how to translate its solution to my issue. Can someone please show me.


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Method 1

I am not sure if I have undestood well. Do you mean this?

$previousCounter = 0;
foreach($db->($sql) as $row) {
    // here you can read $previousCounter value
    $counter = $row[counter];
   $previousCounter = $counter;

And if you want the full previous row:

// declare $previous
foreach($db->($sql) as $row) {
    // here you can read $previous value
    // not in the first iteration, but in all the others
    $counter = $row[counter];
    $previous = $row;

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