How do I see the differences between 2 MySQL dumps?

I have 2 MySQL dump files. I want to find the table data difference between 2 tables.


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Method 1

run mysqldump with “–skip-opt” to get the 2 dumps files i.e:

mysqldump --skip-opt -u $MY_USER -p$MY_PASS mydb1 > /tmp/dump1.sql

mysqldump --skip-opt -u $MY_USER -p$MY_PASS mydb2 > /tmp/dump2.sql

compare using these diff options:

diff -y --suppress-common-lines /tmp/dump1 /tmp/dump2

Method 2

Use a DIFF tool – here are some graphical ones (both are free):

Method 3

This tool is not available anymore, as the website is no longer functional.

Maybe you can give a tool called mysqldiff a go, I haven’t tried it myself yet but it’s been on my list for a while.

Method 4

This was very useful for me, so adding my two cents:

git diff --word-diff=color dump1.sql dump2.sql | less -R

Method 5

In order to compare 2 mysql diffs they need to be done in a certain manner, so that the order is in a defined way and non relevant data is omitted.

This was at one point not totally possible with mysqldump, I am not sure if this has changed in the meantime.

One good tool for the job is pydumpy (mirror:

If you want to compare to an old dump, like in the question, you could first create a temporary database from the dump and then start there.

Method 6

I just had to add lines breaks at ),(‘s so that each record becomes a separate line. Then the result can be fed to a tool like diff. This command does the job:

diff <(sed $FORMAT_ old-dump.sql) <(sed $FORMAT_ new-dump.sql)

Method 7

Here’s what I use. It works.

# Do a mysqldump of the a db, once a day or so and diff to the previous day. I want to catch when data has changed
# Use the --extended-insert=false so that each row of data is on a single line, that way the diff catches individual record changes

mv /tmp/dbdump0.sql /tmp/dbdump1.sql 2>/dev/null

mysqldump -h -P 3306 -u username -p password --complete-insert --extended-insert=false dbname > /tmp/dbdump0.sql

# Ignore everything except data lines
grep "^INSERT" /tmp/dbdump0.sql  > /tmp/dbdump0inserts
grep "^INSERT" /tmp/dbdump1.sql  > /tmp/dbdump1inserts

diff /tmp/dbdump1.sql  /tmp/dbdump0.sql   > /tmp/dbdumpdiffs
if [[ 0 != "$r" ]] ; then
    # notifier code remove

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