How i can improve this sql query ? Question in describtion

There is 3 table

1- country ---- id,country_name
2- city ------- id,city_name,country_id
3- customer --- customer_name, city_id

and the question is “Write the query that finds the country name, city name, and the number of customers of cities with more customers than the average number of customers in the cities.”

and my solution is

SELECT C.country_name, CT.city_name, 
FROM country C, city CT, (SELECT CTR.city_id, 
COUNT(CTR.city_id) AS customer_count 
FROM customer CTR
city_id = CTR.city_id) > (SELECT COUNT(id) * 1.0 / 
COUNT(DISTINCT(city_id)) FROM customer)
WHERE CNTS.city_id = AND = CT.country_id
ORDER BY C.country_name ASC;


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Method 1

It helps me to do JOINs, and do them in the order that the Optimizer will probably use. In this case, starting with aggregates and ending with details.

SELECT a.avg1, b.city_id, b.ct, c.*, d.*
    FROM ( SELECT COUNT(*) / COUNT(DISTINCT city_id) AS avg1
                FROM customers ) AS a
    JOIN ( SELECT city_id, COUNT(*) AS ct
                FROM customers GROUP BY city_id ) AS b
         -- no "ON"; see note below
    JOIN city AS c  ON b.city_id =
    JOIN country AS d  ON c.country_id =

The first “derived table” will have one row: a.avg1.

The second will have one row per city: city_id, ct.

Look at the output from that SELECT, and finish up the desired task by changing * to what you need and tacking on a WHERE clause to limit it to certain rows. And and ORDER BY.

(Note: In spite of using the “new” Join syntax, I left out an ON clause because there is only one row in one of the tables.)

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